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Galamast Construction Group
McDonald’s, Chelmsford

  • Drainage installation for the McDonald’s site in Chelmsford


Galamast Construction Group started in 1991 and has grown to 200 operatives in the UK in recent years.  Now well known in the UK industry, Galamast operate with contract deals of up to 10 Million and have built up a solid reputation.  Galamast is responsible for a large proportion of new build and refurbishment of McDonald’s restaurants.  McDonald’s is a famous global restaurant starting in the 1960’s in America and expanding to 118 other countries.  In the UK alone, McDonald’s have 1,200 restaurants which serve three million people every day and there are many more new restaurants planned.  Galamast look to be involved ongoing, offering the whole construction package from groundworks to shop fitting.

What We Implemented

Drainfast supplied Galamast with a wide range of drainage for the new McDonald’s site in Chelmsford.  This included underground drainage, twinwall drainage and the recently launched 600 Chamber Base.  This is the 100% water tight UPVC manhole base with a variety of outlets and sizes available in the range.  This proved to be the intelligent choice over a concrete manhole base for Galamast; saving both time and money.

600 Chamber Base

600mm Chamber Base 160mm Inlet


As a company we appreciate suppliers who partner with us to help us reach the attention to detail and quality of site management that we deliver.  Drainfast have proved themselves over the years to be a reliable supply partner who go above and beyond to assist Galamast.  Keep up the good work!

Galamast Construction Group
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