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NEW: Drainfast Branded Band-Seals

Band-Seal couplings and adaptors are a range of flexible and versatile couplings used for jointing pipes of both similar and different materials and sizes.

The couplings are especially suitable for drains, sewers and underground pipelines. The extensive range connects pipes from 24mm to over 2000mm nominal size (DN), to other pipes of the same or different sizes and material.

The Band-Seal range of couplings consists of moulded synthetic elastomeric sleeves and stainless steel clamping bands. Standard couplings also include a stainless steel shear band. Band-Seal couplings are manufactured to exacting standards and are used and specified extensively by Water Companies and Local Authorities throughout the UK.

View the shop’s range of band-seals available here.

If you need an unusual size that is not normally stocked, contact us, as we can usually get something that is perfect for your situation.

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