With over 130 years of expertise, craftsmanship and innovation, they are committed to investing in the continuous development of their people, technologies and skills for the future.

Drainfast has stocked Naylor Industries’ twin-wall ducting since 2011 and has since added other products from their range.

Why we chose Naylor Industries

Impressed by its quality and value for money, Drainfast has stocked Naylor’s twin-wall ducting since 2011. Following customer feedback that this product is a comparable but more cost-effective alternative to the market-leading product, we decided to investigate other products in the Naylor range. This included their twin-wall surface drainage and band-seal products.

During a first in December 2014 to their factory in Wombwell, South Yorkshire, we were impressed by the breadth of their product range and particularly their plastic pipe extrusion plant.

Meeting with owner Edward Naylor, we outlined the concept of whole systems and solutions that were to become Celebrated Alternatives. 

Discovering that Naylor Industries is a flexible and down-to-earth company with a genuine interest in smaller companies – unlike many market leaders, who are too big to be agile or caring – we realised that they would be a perfect fit.

Buying Naylor products from Drainfast gives you:

  • Comparable but more cost-effective alternatives to market-leading twinwall and band-seal products
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D for product innovation
  • Stringent testing and certification for product reliability
  • Sustainable urban drainage (SuDS) systems
  • A manufacturer committed to net zero carbon footprint
  • Availability – huge stock levels held by Drainfast, with next-day delivery possible

Naylor Industries products

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