MuckStopper Inspection Chamber System

Inspection chambers often end up full of debris, MuckStopper solves this by protecting the drains. Save on a costly cleanup operation and jetting the drains.

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Protect your drains

You install a new drainage system and hand the site over to the following trades, with everything looking immaculate. But when you return at the end of the project, you find the inspection chambers full of mud, rubble and debris. We’re on a mission to solve this problem for the groundworks industry with our MuckStopper range of products. Save on a costly cleanup operation and jetting the drains.

Drainage MuckStopper Range cut-out top view
Watch Protect your inspection chambers from muck with the new MuckStopper 450 on YouTube.

Issues below ground?

I’ve been heading up the R&D department at Drainfast for the past 2.5 years and the MuckStopper range is one of the first major systems that we are bringing to market. We look forward to working with the groundworks industry to implement this system and develop more innovative systems.
Nigel James, R&D Director

Working in partnership

Case Studies

We have had the honour of working with some of the leading brands in the construction industry, and in most cases, we continue to work together to this day. We're problem solvers. If a challenge frequently arises during groundworks projects, we like nothing better than to develop a practical solution.

Blocked Drainage Issues Inspection Chambers MuckStopper Problem

The Muck Stops Here

“When you haven’t got the MuckStopper, you’re left with the problem of everything falling down the manhole. When the lines are in use, or rainwater or any sort of water gets in there, it’s then pushed down the line. Later in the process, you’ve then got to get everyone out to sort the problem, which is very expensive and not ideal, whereas using the MuckStopper, you know, you’re saving yourself a massive amount of money. It’s a good idea.”

Josh Milford, Ganger, DF Groundworks & Civil Engineering

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