MuckStopper Roads & Sewers System

Silt causes problems on building site roads by washing into gullies and manhole chambers. This quickly clogs up the drainage system, unless you have MuckStopper.

MuckStopper 600M Roads and Sewers Manhole Silt Blocking Cover

Roads & Sewers

Manhole Covers

It’s no secret that silt and mud cause challenges for roads on construction sites. Silt washes into manhole chambers in the road leading to a build-up of dirt and debris in the drainage system. Road sweepers can make the problem worse, washing mud into the drains. But the problem continues below ground, hidden from view. Clearing the drains out can be an expensive and potentially risky operation.

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By installing this MuckStopper, and preventing the soil and sediment and waste from going into the manhole, what we’re doing is we’re turning the risk assessment from what was red down to green. We’re eliminating the safety considerations of entering a confined space.

Charles Osmond, Groundworks & Plant Instructor, OHOB Training Academy
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Road Gullies

Road gullies are one of the most vulnerable areas for blockages of silt and construction debris. Once blocked with silt the gullies are unable to perform their function of surface water drainage, leaving the site at risk of quickly becoming waterlogged. We are solving this common problem with an additional heavy duty silt trap - the MuckStopper RS 400 to be used during the construction process.

Working in partnership

Case Studies

We have had the honour of working with some of the leading brands in the construction industry, and in most cases, we continue to work together to this day. We're problem solvers. If a challenge frequently arises during groundworks projects, we like nothing better than to develop a practical solution.

Watch O'Halloran & O'Brien MuckStopper Product Review on YouTube.

It's quite a bad problem because you spend a lot of time cleaning the manholes out, but with this MuckStopper you literally take the lid off and all the silt is there just to clean out! We take the manhole cover off and the silt is just underneath the manhole cover not down the manhole. It saves a lot of time, you normally you've got to have two men there to clean the manhole back out and it saves that all together I would say the price is fair; when you’re finished with it you can use it on another site you can take them with you as well.

Dave Stock, Project Manager, O'Halloran & O'Brien

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