Barrier Water Pipes

The main benefit of barrier pipe is that it safeguards drinking water quality whatever soil it may be laid in, but it is also a very versatile and easy-to-use product.

What is barrier pipe?

While all pipes naturally create a barrier between the contents of the pipe and its surroundings, sometimes an additional layer of protection is required and this is precisely what barrier pipe provides. 

This additional layer creates a more effective barrier than plastic alone can provide, protecting water systems and preventing contamination of their contents.

Barrier pipe is used to transport water supply across land previously used for purposes that may have contaminated the soil with substances that are hazardous to health, including:

  • Refineries and chemical processing plants
  • Fuel stations, forecourts and vehicle storage or repair facilities
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Landfill, scrap yards and hazardous waste treatment sites
  • Agriculture and horticulture

Barrier pipe is also used inside buildings for water supply, central heating and underfloor heating, where it prevents oxygen and other gases from entering the pipe and causing corrosion and contamination. This extends the life of the system and protects against leakages.

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