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We designed the MuckStopper system to protect underground drainage systems from getting blocked with silt, rubble and debris during the construction process.

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The Muck Stops Here

It’s no secret that silt and mud cause challenges for roads on construction sites. Silt washes into manhole chambers in the road leading to a build-up of dirt and debris in the drainage system. Road sweepers can make the problem worse, washing mud into the drains. But the problem continues below ground, hidden from view. Clearing the drains out can be an expensive and potentially risky operation.

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Issues below ground?

You install a new drainage system and hand the site over to the following trades, with everything looking immaculate. But when you return at the end of the project, you find the inspection chambers full of mud, rubble, and debris. We’re on a mission to solve this problem for the groundworks industry with our MuckStopper range of products. Save on a costly cleanup operation and jetting the drains.

It’s quite imperative that we keep the drains clean. MuckStopper is a very good and practical product. We can clean out ten drains in half an hour, whereas before, it would have lost us a man for a day.

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Meet the MuckStopper

We have designed the MuckStopper 450 to catch the mud and debris which inevitably enters 450mm inspection chambers and prevent it from clogging the drainage system below. It protects the drains and saves on clearout and jetting costs.

Using the MuckStopper, you know, you're saving yourself a massive amount of money. It's a good idea.

The results are in!

Survey of Construction Professionals

We surveyed 363 professionals who work on UK construction sites about construction waste in sewers; here are the results:


of construction professionals have seen, experienced or heard about mud, rubble and silt entering manholes and inspection chambers


would welcome a solution which prevents silt, mud and litter from accidentally falling into drainage systems


agree that waste entering manholes on construction sites is having a negative impact on the environment and the water system

Case Studies

Benefits of Stopping Muck


Jetting can become expensive and time-consuming to organise. Minimize the requirement for jetting with MuckStopper.


Nothing keeps you up at night like worrying about the unknown problems that might be developing on your sites, what will the remedial works cost? Replace this worry with certainty, with a system in place to solve it.


Responsible companies take action to protect the environment. With widespread dumping of sewage into local waterways, construction waste is ultimately ending up directly in the environment through the drainage system.


Local authorities and water companies have to deal with the debris and litter washed down from your site – which ultimately costs us all as taxpayers.


Minimize the amount of time spent in confined spaces manually clearing manholes.


Worst-case scenarios involve damaged drainage systems having to be replaced. Nobody wants the cost of digging up and replacing drains at the end of a project. Why risk it?


Homebuilders' reputations are at stake. Make blocked drains one complaint that you no longer have to worry about.


Time spent clearing drains at the end of the building project is straight off your bottom line! Protect all the drains you install with the complete MuckStopper system.


Buying a home is a major investment and finding the drains blocked is an infuriating experience. This can be avoided by using MuckStopper.

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MuckStopper products prevent dirt, debris and silt from entering inspection chambers, road gullies and manholes during site construction.

The Chamber Protector

MuckStopper products are temporary but effective solutions that keep inspection chambers, manholes and drainage systems free from silt. Removable for access during the construction process, they prevent damage, save time and reduce risks. At the end of the job, they can be removed and redeployed at another location.

Why are silt and debris such a problem?

Silt and debris on a construction site will quickly run into inspection chambers, manholes and road gullies, leading to drains becoming choked up and flooding, making working conditions on the site unpleasant and even dangerous. Once the work has been finished there is the time-consuming and potentially dangerous task of clearing all the silt out so that the drainage systems work efficiently.

The Solution: MuckStopper

With MuckStopper, you can trap any silt or debris in an inspection chamber, manhole or road gully, preventing it from causing blockages that are costly, time-consuming, can cause damage and are potentially hazardous to clear. 

MuckStopper for Inspection Chambers

MuckStopper products for inspection chambers feature a central bucket which collects any silt, dirt or debris that may enter the chamber. This is surrounded by bristles that seal the gap between the bucket and the inspection chamber walls, creating an additional barrier while allowing water to drain through.

If you need to access the chamber or the bucket is full and needs emptying, it is easily removed from the chamber using the MuckStopper extraction pole. And when the job is ended, MuckStopper can be used time and again on other projects.

MuckStopper for Manholes

Despite their close-fitting covers, manholes also attract fine silt that can quickly build up in drains, causing blockages that are costly and time-consuming to remove. If the manhole cover is dislodged, this can happen very quickly.

MuckStopper products for manholes feature a frame which is temporarily cemented into the upper layers of the manhole wall. A lockable cover fits onto a raised inner flange of this frame and the manhole frame and cover are fixed on top of the MuckStopper.

If you require access to the manhole at any time, simply remove the manhole cover and clean any accumulated silt and debris from the MuckStopper lid before removing it.

Before the final road surface is applied, remove the MuckStopper and its frame before reconstructing the manhole to its finished height. The MuckStopper can then be reused elsewhere, time and again.

MuckStopper for Road Gullies

Road gullies are designed to remove water and silt from roads, and this can be vital to maintaining a well-drained site during construction. But the volume of silt can be too great and blockages can quickly develop.

MuckStopper products for road gullies don’t prevent water drainage but trap any silt or debris. As with the manhole products, a frame is temporarily cemented into the upper layers of the gully and the gully grate is installed above it. A deep bucket, with holes at the top of the bucket for water to overflow into the gully, is supported by the frame.

Particularly when full, the bucket will be too heavy for a manual lift but has been designed for easy machine lifting. This allows for regular emptying and access to the gully if required.

As with the MuckStopper for manholes, before the final road surface is applied, remove the MuckStopper and its frame before reconstructing the manhole to its finished height. The MuckStopper can then be reused elsewhere, time and again.

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