Construction Accessories

We stock a wide range of accessories for construction sites, including hand tools, site consumables, damp proofing, ventilation and warning tape products.

As part of our commitment to provide where possible a one-stop service for all your groundworks needs, we have included a selection of accessories in our product range.

Damp Proofing

While efficient drainage diverts rain and stormwater away from buildings, damp proofing protects the building against damp rising from the foundations into the building’s floors and walls. Find damp-proof course rolls and top hat collars among the products in this section.

Hand Tools

Our hand tool selection provides many of the tools commonly used in drainage, including a good selection of expanding and inflatable pipe stoppers, drain rods and air testing equipment.

Meter Boxes

Our recessed flush boxes for electric and gas meters are kept in stock for quick delivery.

Site Consumables

Our range of general construction site consumables includes fencing pins and barrier fencing mesh to cordon off working areas, line marker spray paints, tapes and hand wipes. Consumables specific to drainage include pipe jointing lubricants, drain testing dyes, pipe identification stencils and joint tapes.


Our range of air bricks and vents provides adequate ventilation to prevent negative air pressure in buildings.

Warning Tape

Buried above pipes, ducts and cables, underground warning tapes provide advanced warning of their presence in the event of future excavation to prevent damage or injury.

Made from brightly coloured, non-degradable plastic, these tapes are highly visible in any soil and come in a range of printed warning messages to accurately identify the exact nature of the buried utilities.

Detectable underground warning tapes feature a metallic strip that can be located by metal detecting equipment before excavation commences, increasing the safety and efficiency of the task.

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