Surface Water Drainage

We offer a wide range of stormwater products, including; twinwall drainage, soakaway crates, land drainage, road gullies, and rainwater harvesting systems.

Surface water management products help prevent erosion of earthworks and maintain well-drained soil and turf. They are also used to attenuate the flow of stormwater into watercourses, prevent flooding and harvest rainwater. We supply a wide range of surface water products for domestic, civil, agricultural and commercial projects.

Our surface water products fall into three categories

  • Surface Water Drainage
  • Land Drainage
  • Geogrids and Geotextiles

What is the difference between surface water drainage and land drainage?

Surface water is run-off from stormwater – rainfall and snow melt – that isn’t absorbed into the ground. Surface water drainage is largely required for larger, non-porous areas of concrete or asphalt such as roads, car parks, industrial areas and airports.

Surface water drainage channels this stormwater into main stormwater drains or soakaway systems, and sometimes into watercourses. Other systems divert rainwater – often from roofs – into rainwater harvesting systems. Storing and reusing this water for irrigation and other non-potable purposes reduces demand on the mains water supply and conserves water in dry periods.

Land drainage reduces the water content of land that is permanently or persistently waterlogged or flooded. It is frequently used in sports fields, on construction sites and in agriculture. On a smaller scale, it is used to improve the soil quality of otherwise waterlogged gardens.

Land drainage channels excess water into drains or watercourses. In some cases, they might divert it to areas where the ground is drier and can absorb the extra water.

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