As an employee-owned company, their dynamic spirit is reflected in the enthusiasm they have for working with clients who they describe as “professionals with commitment and involvement towards sustainability, who are committed to highly durable, natural, recyclable materials and to companies that invest in the local industry to reduce CO2 emissions.”

Why we chose ULMA

ULMA came to our attention back in 2011 when they were expanding their share of the European channel drainage market and we realised their potential value as a Celebrated Alternative.

We realised that partnering with ULMA would help us to create continuity in the groundworks sector by creating complete drainage solutions, so we approached the company in 2015 and arranged a visit to their production facilities.

Returning to the UK, we tested and compared the ULMA products with those of UK competitors and were impressed by both the breadth of the product range and the product quality. Unlike the inferior rival products, their concrete channel sections were free of air bubbles and imperfections, while their channel gratings matched the UK’s leading product in type, quality and appearance.

ULMA were delighted to have an opening into the UK market and we were proud to add their products to our range.


The concrete components of ULMA drainage channels are cast in polymeric concrete, which produces an exceptionally smooth and non-porous surface that resists chemicals, facilitates rapid water removal and reduces the growth ability of flow-inhibiting organisms.

They are also the only manufacturer on the market to produce polymer concrete channel drains with an integral 2.5% slope. These are easier to install and by increasing the water flow rate, reduce maintenance.

Their slotted grating, produced in either galvanised or stainless steel, is adaptable to different channel models and creates discreet inset drainage for paved areas.

ULMA’s Kompaqdrain compact drainage channel system features a single-piece channel and grating cast in polymer concrete. It is designed for high-traffic areas and has a profile that maximises water flow.

We particularly like ULMA’s trademark-protected RapidLock™ system. In our opinion, this is the finest grating locking system currently available in terms of easy installation, security and cost-efficiency.

Buying ULMA channel drain products from Drainfast gives you:

  • Unbeatable customer service
  • Innovative channel drainage systems
  • Excellent quality and value for money
  • High chemical resistance
  • Rapid water removal
  • Low maintenance
  • Availability – huge stock levels held by Drainfast, with next-day delivery possible


ULMA products

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