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Slot Drain Explained

Slot drain is similar to channel drainage but features a more discrete surface grating. In this article, we look at the Swarm Aqua slot drainage.
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What Is A Swarm Aqua Slot Drain?

The AQUA System is a hybrid surface water drainage system that combines the benefits of proven materials and robust manufacturing techniques to create an exceptional surface water drainage product for external use. With a focus on strength, rigidity and lighter weight, Swarm Aqua provides the perfect solution. 

A strong, durable iron top section, combined with steel side walls and twinwall conduit, ensures that the product is ideal for external drainage applications.

Ductile Iron Top

By using high-grade ductile iron, the only section of Swarm Aqua that is exposed to traffic and the elements are strong, durable and easily lost in its surrounding concrete for a truly unobtrusive surface finish.

Heelguard 10mm Openings

Swarm Aqua is safe to use in high pedestrian traffic areas, as only two 10mm openings are visible at the surface level. Available for up to F900 loading applications.

Steel Walls

Everything beneath the ductile iron top can be thought of as a concrete former. Steel walls provide excellent rigidity to keep the channel shape intact throughout the installation process.

Twinwall HDPE Channel

The plastic channel section of Swarm Aqua is manufactured from 100% recycled materials and is resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Its design life is around 60 years.


To prevent pinching on the throat section when the channel is installed, spacers and the ductile iron top help keep the channel in shape. These spacers also act as locators to ensure a positive connection.

Simple Installation

To keep this as simple as possible, you don't have to assemble Swarm Aqua on site. It's as simple as push-fit connections and a full range of easy to use accessories.

Product Rigidity

Swarm Aqua cast iron top was designed to cater for up to F900 applications. With a strong, precision engineered cast iron top this is the perect solution for applications where both aesthetics and functionality are required.

Steel Top

Also available with a steel or stainless steel top, Swarm Aqua can be utilised in pedestrian areas up to A15 loading where it is important to achieve a superior aesthetic finish.

Up to F900 Loading

When installed with a full concrete surround, Swarm Aqua can be used in areas of ultra-heavy loading traffic up to F900.

Watch Swarm Aqua Slot Drain System on YouTube.
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