MuckStopper RS 400 Temporary Road Gully Trap and Silt Block
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MuckStopper RS 400 for Road Gullies

The MuckStopper RS-400 is a removable silt trap bucket with drainage holes at the top. It is designed to be installed in road gullies as a temporary solution during construction. This product offers a first line of defence against silt, catching the majority of it at source.

Installation and User Guide

Please download and read the full user guide prior to use. The MuckStopper can be installed in a concrete road gully using the same process. 

MuckStopper RS 400 Install Step One

Step One

Before installing the gully grating & frame, install the MuckStopper above the brickwork. Bed the MuckStopper frame in place with mortar and ensure it is level.  Ensure the narrow side of the frame is against the kerb. 

MuckStopper RS 400 Install Step Two

Step Two

Place more mortar above the MuckStopper frame and complete the installation of the gully grating and frame per the manufacturer’s guidelines above the MuckStopper.  During installation of the gully grate, ensure the bucket is positioned correctly for removal. 

MuckStopper RS 400 Install Step Three

Step Three

During the project carry out routine checks of the MuckStopper and empty any debris that it has collected, keeping the drains free of blockages.

MuckStopper RS 400 Install Step Four

Step Four

The MuckStopper should be extracted using machine lift. At the end of the project, the MuckStopper should be removed. The grating and frame can then be re-installed when setting final levels before surfacing as usual.

Watch How to install a MuckStopper RS 400 - Road Gully Silt Trap Bucket on YouTube.

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