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GE Groundworks champion our innovative systems

Long time users of our SiteStak system, we visited GE Groundworks on one of their sites to find out how they are getting on with our MuckStopper drain protectors.

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Sunderland-based GE Groundworks proved the benefits of using SiteStak® and MuckStopper® products on a housing development for Tilia Homes in Easingwold, North Yorkshire.

Dan Potts, the Contracts Manager at the site, first heard about MuckStopper 450 while talking with George Everett, a director of GE Groundworks, while George was working on a site in Stokesley. When he saw how well the product was performing at Stokesley he knew it would be the perfect solution for Easingwold. While at Stokesley he also saw SiteStak for the first time and was impressed by it. 


Watch GE Groundworks - "I'm a big champion of SiteStak and MuckStopper." on YouTube.

It wasn’t long before Dan was using SiteStak and MuckStopper 450 at Easingwold, where he and his crews were quickly impressed by how much both products improved organisation and safety on the site.

Dan explained how SiteStak transformed the way they work. As SiteStak is easily moved around a construction site, they simply placed it next to one plot. After the plot was drained and the underground drainage installed, all unused pipework, junctions and fittings are loaded back onto the SiteStak and it is moved to the next plot.

MuckStopper was also quick to prove its benefits. Dan commented that without MuckStopper, lids were always getting dislodged and scaffolders were putting their scaffold poles inside the chambers, so silt and debris were quickly entering chambers and blocking drains. MuckStopper put an immediate end to this. He also mentioned that MuckStopper made finishing off much easier. Once the pin kerb has been laid and the dressing has been removed, the manhole lid and frame are lifted and the MuckStopper is removed. the frame and lid are then replaced and the road surface can be completed.

While both products improve efficiency, Dan states that the most important factor is that they contribute to site safety. SiteStak provides a safe and tidy work area free of trip hazards, while MuckStopper means no worker has to enter chambers to clear out silt and debris from drains. Knowing that his men can return home safely to their families every day is, in his opinion, worth the investment.

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