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M&J Evans Construction adopt the MuckStopper system

When the roads and sewers team from M&J Evans Construction Ltd (North West) began work at a 400-unit Taylor Wimpey development site in David Whitby Way in Crewe, they knew the extended period of the development project would present challenges in terms of keeping manholes and road gullies free of silt.

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David Whitby Way, Crewe, CW2 5NL



They decided to proactively install MuckStopper products across the site as soon as the first layer of asphalt had been laid on the roadways. Removing the steel plates that protected the drainage system during the asphalting operation, they installed the MuckStopper units in the chambers before setting the ironwork in place as normal.

Road sweepers are essential for controlling muck on a construction site, but they generate a fine slurry that seeps through the small gaps on manhole covers and into road gullies. From there, it enters the chambers and main drains, and has to be jetted out before the project is completed. with MuckStopper in place as a barrier, the chambers and drains will remain silt-free for the entire project.

Watch No more silt on site? MuckStopper is a game changer for M&J Evans Construction on YouTube.

Justin Evans, project manager for the site, also commented that many drain systems today incorporate a hydro brake system that slows stormwater before it reaches main streams and waterworks. Having MuckStopper in place, Justin observed, will also prevent silt from blocking the hydro brakes and getting into main waterways, with clear environmental benefits.

MuckStopper also drew the attention of Taylor Wimpey directors on a visit to the site, who were impressed by its capabilities and potential.
On completion of the project, Justin and his team will simply remove the ironwork from the manholes and road gullies, extract the MuckStoppers and replace the ironwork before the asphalt crews complete the road surface, leaving the MuckStoppers to be redeployed to another construction site.

It was great being out on our Taylor Wimpey plc site in Crewe yesterday and seeing the gulley and manhole silt protection units in-situ. First tarmac visit was also complete this week too, so I will be making a point to go back out next month, lift some lids and see what, if any, debris is down the manholes. Fingers crossed, but I believe these really will be a game changer.

Lee Kelly, Commercial Director, M&J Evans Construction Ltd (North West)
M&J Evans Construction worker lifting MuckStopper Gully Protection Bucket MuckStopper RS 675 Installed on a Taylor Wimpey site M&J Evans Construction workers lifting manhole cover into place on a road Road gully with a MuckStopper RS 400 installed M&J Evans Construction banksman moving a MuckStopper with an excavator M&J Evans Construction excavator MuckStopper RS 1220 Manhole protection plate

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