Ductile Iron Cover & Frame: 450 x 450mm; B125 Weight classes A15: Pedestrian and cyclist use only B125: Driveway duty and occasional light traffic such as access only routes. C250: Slow moving cars and vans such as in car parks. D400: Fast moving heavy traffic such as on main roads. E600: Heavy, moving plant and plant with solid tyres such as forklifts in heavy duty areas like warehouses, docks etc. F900: Particularly high wheel loads such as airports.

Ductile Iron Cover & Frame: 450 x 450mm; B125

Price ex VAT: £96.49

450x450mm Solid Tops: 40mm depth ductile iron access covers
For use in a Group 2 B125 class environment.
Exceeds BS EN 124:2015 requirements.
Third party certified by BSI.
Safety keyway - ensures key's secure in keyway when lifting.
Labyrinth seal - helps to prevent odour escape and water ingress.
Manufactured from strong and highly durable ductile iron.
Slide out cover designed for ease of removal.
Indexed covers ensure correct fitting.

Technical specifications
TitleDuctile Iron Cover & Frame: 450 x 450mm; B125
Net weight23 Kilograms
Load ratingB125
Clear opening450x450mm
External dimensions555x555mm
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